**Please Note: We are no longer a physical kindred, nor are located in Canada. We have attempted to notify all listings of our location change, but due to many inactive sites there are many who are not updating with the current listing info. If you are looking for Canadian groups, please see Ontario Heathens on Facebook****
Welcome to Kenaz Kindred! The virtual kindred that provides a place for those seeking to learn about heathenry. Our site provides tons of resources and articles for those new to heathenry or for those looking to expand their current practices. We offer full online learning programs via Canvas (a learning management system) that run throughout the year…but that’s not all. In 2013, we opened Saga Press, a company dedicated to providing exclusively heathen publications for heathens by heathens. Our goal is to preserve and support the growth of heathenry. We also provide unique products for heathens via Friggas Loom, that help fund our site and learning programs.
Kenaz Kindred strives to continue our mission! To educate, support and grow heathenry around the worth. To provide a place where people can feel welcome, where those seeking spiritual shelter find solace. Above all, to remain current with academic and archaeological findings.  
Global Headquarters Located in California!
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I chose not these gods, But was born their lesser kin. They have chosen me. Rurik Orlov